You are a pharmaceutical company  looking for an industrial partner that:
Promotes patient care for your therapies
through services for monitoring patients or pharmacology, or for improving compliance and adherence
Prepares the advent of new reimbursement methods
through services for evaluating the effectiveness by indication of a drug for personalized reimbursement
Contributes to your research and development 
by observing medical practices for study purposes or to identify new marketing authorizations
Controls technical and regulatory risk internationally
For the collection, anonymization/pseudonymization, analysis and hosting of health data

If so, Santeos is your ideal partner! Contact us!

Our offerings for pharmaceutical laboratories

To reduce risks and improve health
To valorize your data through BI, big data and AI
To host and operate your business information systems
Health service digitization offerings
To make your job easier
Healthcare e-payment offerings
To collect your payments through computers or mobile phones

Pharmaceutical laboratories that have trusted Santeos

Logo de Biomérieux
Platform for managing voice and e-mail interactions for monitoring patients’ in-vitro diagnostic tests
Logo de Génévrier
Platform for collecting the data of clinical studies
Logo de Ibsa
Clinical study data collection platform
Logo de Novo Nordisk
Novo Nordisk
Platform for collecting the data of growth hormone clinical studies
Logo de Roche
Platform for personalizing reimbursement models according to the effectiveness of a drug
Logo de Sanofi
Platform for monitoring diabetic patients
Platform for monitoring patients for cardiovascular risk prevention purposes

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Pharmaceutical companies business manager
Olivier Lorieau
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Julien Brossard
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